Saturday, November 30, 2013

Seafood.. of East meets West!

Headed to Pasarbella at The Grandstand yesterday with a friend for dinner. And even though we had seafood the night before. It was seafood again yesterday! =)

Oceans of Seafood is a place where East meets West and we ordered a mix of both for sharing. 

Of course as the week passes. I have been having alcohol like daily. And yesterday was no exception. Japanese beers! The one in beige label is light but a bit sourish while the one in red tastes more like a wine than a beer. Bearing sweet yet bitter notes at the same time. 

So we ordered the sashimi platter where we had 5 kinds of fishes. Tuna. Blue fin tuna. Salmon. Sea bream and sworfish (if I'm not mistaken). Love the thickness of the slices! 

And we had makis too: California. Avocado. Soft shell crab.

And from the West we had blue mussels boiled and served with garlic butter sauce. I was saying that the sauce was good enough to spread on bread and toast it - garlic bread! =D

And miso soup of the day - fish!

And of course a lonely piece of unagi sushi!

One thing I enjoy about living in Singapore is the array of food across cultures and countries that are so easily at my fingertips. I can have local for breakfast. Jap for lunch and Mexican for dinner. Followed by Italian for supper. =) 

And I'm gonna have local zi char tonight for dinner! *yeahs*

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