Saturday, November 2, 2013

Liebster Nominations! My second Q&A

'The Liebster, which means “dearest” in German, is a nomination for up-and-coming bloggers with less than 200 followers.' Hahaha. And this's my second time doing it thanks to Sam from Beyond the 813! Thanks for asking! =D

So here it goes! 

1. How many stamps do you have in your passport and where are they from?

53. =) My most number comes from Malaysia (KL. Johor - many many. Malacca. Penang.) Followed by the Philippines (Manila - mostly in transit. Cebu. Puerto Princesa. Coron. Kalibo. Dumaguete.) I have Japan (Osaka and Narita.) Seoul. Brisbane. Indonesia (Batam and Bintan.) Thailand (Phuket. Bangkok. Krabi.) Luang Prabang. China (Shanghai. Beijing. Tibet. Chengdu.)

2. Do you consider yourself a backpacker or flashpacker?

More of a backpacker. I still pull my luggage along on some trips though! =P

3. If you won tickets to anywhere in the world, where would you go? You can only choose 1 place. 

Anywhere on the continent of South America! I can already think of the places I wanna go and how I'm gonna get around! 

4. What countries have you been to, this year?
Philippines. China. Malaysia. Indonesia. Korea. 

5. Do you have any trips plans for next year? If so, where?
Hell yes! =D Sri Lanka and Cambodia are confirmed. Still torn between heading to Philippines. USA. China and Turkey! 

6. Name 3 things, you always have to take with you on your trip.
Camera. My journal. Ipod! 

7. Do you normally overpack or underpack? 
Overpack I guess! I always come back with some excess (although it has gotten much lesser after all the practice! =))

8. When does your passport expire?

9. If you could go on a trip with anyone, who would it be?
Hmmmz. Probably that couple of friends who passes the 'travel test'! =D 

10. How far in advance, do you plan your trips?
Usually a year in advance due to work restrictions.

Have fun reading! =D

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