Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Bali for..?

Headed to Bali beginning of the month. But disclaimer: I didn't really enjoy myself that much. Wasn't a place that captures my attention or perhaps it was coz I wasn't feeling really well. Whatever it is. I very much doubt I'll head back for a second visit. 

I spent 6 days in Bali - which to most of the locals I met was a long time. Hmmmz. 

Here's my first stop on day 1. Ubud Art Village. A place where I could spend more time. But as I was with a driver and had some other plans in mind. It was only 21/2 hours for me. 

The quirky handicraft shop which I enjoyed browsing in! 

And it was off to Tanah Lot to see the famous temple. What would Bali be without the temples - I didn't fancy any. So didn't wasted any time going to any. =P

A quick bite at an overrated Ku De Ta. Hmmmz. 

What made my day on the second day was going white water rafting with Bali Adventures (expensive at USD$79) but well worth every single cent. And this is the reason why I'm heading for white water rafting next year again someplace else! =D 

Dinner beach walk at Kuta beach.. Good for surfing (but looking at the water and price I didn't bother learning). =D

Day 3 was R&R. Cafe hopping without planning.. =P Afternoon tea at Biku at Seminyak..

Baby latte (aka piccolo) at Cafe Bali..

Earth Market was something different but interesting! =)

And with another piccolo at Kopi Asli.. =D

Dinner was Jap with good and cheap sashimi! *yumz*

And then I moved over to Kind Villa Bintang at Nusa Dua. Lunch by the pool! 

Dinner at Jimbaran - Aroma.. sunset seafood dinner! =)

Day 5 was spent on the beach - and without entering the waters I was browned. Hmmmz.. 

And I truly miss home.. 

Dinner was at Sami Sami in Ayana Resort. Lovely Italian place with another awesome sunset! 

Ended my night at Rock Bar.. =)

Bali's an interesting place. But not on my list. Hahaha. In actual fact this was the last place that I wanted to visit but coz airfare was cheap hence the travel over.. =) 

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