Sunday, November 3, 2013


Horrors of horrors. 2013 is coming to an end. And I have yet to firm up my travel plans for 2014. =/

Picture taken in 2010 in Japan. =P

So I was thinking. I have a friend I met from my Tibet trip earlier this year who are asking me to go see the Niagara falls with her. But the trip is 14 days long. Then I have that 2 confirmed trips. 1 to Sri Lanka (7 days?) and Cambodia (5 days). And I haven't plan when to head home (Philippines - but usually 7 days). But I want to get to Perhentian (like 4 days?) as well! So if you do the maths. I'll end up using 15 days of leave. Do I really wanna go USA that bad? If I do go. That means I'm gonna subject myself to another year of torture of not being to head out at least once every 2 months. Which in other words means I'm gonna get a bad case of flu and possibly fever trying to work myself to death with minimum leave. =(

I wanna be happy travelling! Well. Who wouldn't? =P

I have only a month more to think and plan my leave out carefully. I wanna stretch them and cover new territories as much as possible. 21 days of leave. How should I plan? Hmmmz.

Alamak. I hate this time of the year when I have to start projecting my leave. *In Japan. It is known that people jump off this ledge here* =P

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