Saturday, April 26, 2014

Question: why do I travel?

I was juz reading an article of why 'I tendered my resignation without securing the next job. Here's why I don't mind.' (Read the full article here: and it evoked some thoughts in me but more related to travel then to work.

So I was wondering why do I travel as much as I do now and the reasons behind it. Initially I started travelling coz it was fun and pure fun. After a while the fun sort of died off and travelling became a journey to find myself. My independence. To detox.

1) To satisfy a craving of chicken rice balls and tako su: A day trip to Malacca with a friend. Along the way we saw super bikes and it juz made my day so much happier (I have a place in my heart for super bikes). After the dinner I was of course even happier. =)  

2) Being rebellious/adventurous.. depending which angle you are looking at: I have no bike license and whenever I mentioned about riding I had a friend who will give me that dead stare. (That was a friend who mattered most to me back then..) So knowing that I will piss him off in some way. I rode in Siquijor without a license and without a map in hand. In which I fell off 4 times off the bike and came home with scratches and bruises and burnt skin.

3) To check off my bucket list: The only place that was on the list for the longest time ever.. Tibet. Roof of the World. I went with an open mind and worried that I may not make it up the Potola Palace. But all my fears were unfounded coz I had the best time of my life. Ever.

4) Meeting new people and making new friends: On a trip to El Nido. I met and befriended a German and a couple from Russia and we are still in contact since. It's wonders how travel can bring people from such diverse background together.

5) Finding myself: Travelling with a friend I've never travelled with before who's also a solo traveller to Boracay. Each trip I embark on. I find a little more about myself and the person I lost touch with ever since I started working.

6) To get away from it all: My trip to Bali in December last year was impromptu and it was something I've never ever done before. I've never travelled on spontaneity and enjoy the process of planning. I went on a whim coz I juz wanted to get away for a little while. Hoping that coming back would bring me a fresh perspective on what is happening and how I could have done differently. But it didn't really work out that way.

7) To seek solace. Peace and inspiration: I went Kandy (Madulkele specifically) and suddenly my Chinese was all the more powerful.. (I was posting on my personal facebook page in Chinese flowery sentences.) Hahaha. The scenery took my breath away. Literally. The sunset and sunrise was awesome and the journey up was worth every single bone shattering moment. I found a peace within me that I haven't had in ages (even though I was travelling with 2 other friends) and that solace I was looking for all this time. Short lived - no doubt - but it was a time that seemed to slow down when I was there and I could breathe more easily.

All of us have different reasons for travelling. So more than others. So lesser. But whatever your reason may be. Have a good one and don't regret doing what you did! There would come a day that you will appreciate the opportunities you took. Travel is priceless. So are the memories that's etched forever.

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