Friday, January 24, 2014

Swaying of the heart..

I never knew how hard I was bitten by the travel bug till 2009 - my first solo trip to Luang Prabang to meet a friend and I was baited for life.

I've never looked back since. And started to travel further and more often than not solo. Juggling a full time shift job while balancing my passion of travelling is never easy and I always have to tweak my leave days to fit into a slower period of days of work. I could never be able to be away for more than 8 days (Only once. In 2013 when I took a 16 days break.) and coming back from usually a land of no wifi. It meant major catching up in terms of emails and work related stuff. But I have never regretted travelling. Neither have I regretted working.

But perhaps as I got older (and hopefully wiser) with the expectations of the job getting more. It's pushing me towards a crossroad I never wanted to choose.

I've always looked forward to getting my sabbatical leave where I could take 2 months off work and travel the world (or rather either in South America or Africa in my case). And that's in another 2 years time or so. Yet recently I'm thinking harder.. Like 'What if I took a certificate in English and use that to travel the world?' 'What if I am able to get that 2 months break earlier?' 'What if back then I took a job that allowed me to travel more?' (And no. Being a cabin crew is out of the question for me.)

What if what if what if.

I guess it's time to make it all into a reality. Hmmmz.

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