Monday, January 27, 2014

Continuation of Singapore Biennale 2013..

I finally had another weekday off (I dislike squeezing with the crowd) and coz I had to bring my lappy for repair. I took the chance of my unused entrance ticket to continue my Singapore Biennale 2013 journey at National Museum of Singapore. =) 

The Biennale was at the basement and after getting off the escalator. I saw a welcoming sight from 'home'! A motorela! With a banca on top no less! 

An light installation of chandeliers refitted with uranium glass and UV lighting. Quite shocking when I stepped into the room. As I went 'Wahhhhh..' the guard at the entrance turned and laughed at my expression. =P 31 pieces of chandeliers were hung all in all. from the 31 nuclear nations of the world. With the size corresponding to the number of operation nuclear plants in that nation. I'm surprised that USA is the biggest and not Russia. Hmmmz.. 

A video projection on wooden cut-outs. A tad disturbing as the room was encased in darkness and these projections were munching on food. And there was that echo of chewing and swallowing in the room.  

This is a different exhibition altogether. Of 'A Changed World' depicting paintings using different mediums from past into development in Singapore's history - free admission.

A painting of the Padang area.. Very National Day feel. 

I couldn't put my finger on why but this piece of art attracted me to it. Maybe it's how the bigger shadow looks older and seems to be carrying a unsaid burden while holding on to the little one. 

A Chinese art piece. 

A piece on batik.. Or was it wood cut? Ahhh..

I enjoyed reading the synopsis of this painting. Of how the artist places the audience at the level of the listeners to allow us to feel how it was like at a gathering like such talking and spreading the seeds. 

A painting I couldn't understand even with the explanations. The only thing was that this painting was super smooth and flat. And I like the colour! =D

This was interesting. Of 3 figurines in front of what seems like a waterfall. This was part of the abstract art movement back in 1970s.

And I have no gift of drawing or painting. Photography is my medium of choice. So are words if there are people who are willing to read and listen.

NS-lookalike boys in a desert. A scene so familiar yet so distance. 

 As I headed home. I had a conversation with a friend and he was saying how art is a therapy for him. I couldn't agree more. I ain't able to appreciate all mediums of art. But slowly as I get older (and hopefully wiser!) I start to appreciate them more. Perhaps during the period of my teenage life. I had not much contact with it and taking art lessons was a pain in my ass (no offence!) Until my cousin introduced me to plays and we caught quite a few together. And then another friend who's an art instructor. That was when we went for theaters and orchestra and used drawings as a medium. =) And up till recently another friend who majored in arts in Uni. I must thank these 3 fellows for opening my eyes back to where I left it behind in my growing up years. 

3 years ago I started going for exhibitions. Plays. Musicals. And I guess the next one up (besides 2 Degree Ice Art exhibition - till May and iLight in March - another light installation exhibition) I would like to go for a recital/classical music concert/performing arts event.

My dormant art cells has awakened. =)


  1. Looks like a very interesting place to explore. We are coming to Singapore in 2 weeks so I might add it to my list!

  2. You should! And add Singapore Art Museum to the list! Tickets are at $10 each and grants you entry to all the different venues. Around the are of Singapore Art Museum there are more free admission art venues to venture. Have fun exploring!