Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Caffeine I need you!

Dsiclaimer: I was never a fan of coffee nor a coffee drinker till somewhere early this year. What made me change? Time made me. =) I have a great bunch of coffee lovers around me and we've spent hours travelling around tiny Singapore (and venturing into nearby Johor Bahru and even up to Kuala Lumpur for a 2 days 1 night trip) juz to scout for cafes. 

I always remember that first sip of fragrant piccolo latte from Oriole's (http://oriolecoffee.businesscatalyst.com/locations.htm) with a friend who is now happily married and living in Australia. I didn't like the aftertaste. But I love sniffing at that nutty cup of drink. Whenever I go out with this group of friends. We're bound to order coffee (from iced mohca to iced latte to cafe mocha to latte to affogato) and I will always sip that one sip (and make a face thereafter =P). On a whim earlier this year. I was having lunch alone and decided on having my first cup of piccolo at Kith's Cafe (http://kith.com.sg/) at Park Mall. And the rest as they say.. Is history.. =)

So. Over 2 days of random meetups with this group of friends. I visited 5 cafes. Hahaha. And I'm happy to announce that I still slept like a pig each night (though now that I mention it like that.. My body clock has turned vampir-ish since that 2 days.. Hmmmz.)

Here goes the cafes I went with my kakis over the 2 days.. First up.. Butterscotch Cafe. (http://sg.openrice.com/singapore/restaurant/butterscotch/81559/)

They serve ice cream too. But we didn't order as we wanted mains and other desserts. More importantly. Their coffee! 

They don't serve piccolo latte. So this is latte less milk (but I feel that it's still latte - normal). 

My mum's affogato. Slightly disappointed her as she was expecting the coffee and ice cream to be separated. I think she enjoys pouring the coffee over the ice cream herself. =)

Friend's iced mocha.. Which sadly tasted more like iced latte. =/

But this was awesome! I love their New York Cheesecake! Especially that crumble at the base. *yumz yumz*

Churros.. I can't appreciate it. But my friend was happy munching away (and sprinkling cinnamon sugar all over the table =))

Wendy's meets Ramly burger.. The patty was a tad dry (crumbled at touch) but I like the wedges and the mushroom sauce on it. =)

And souffle!! Not the usual insides. A bit more mushier. Reminds me of chawanmushi. =P

And we ordered buffalo wings for sharing! Obviously we are hungry!! 

And then we went over to Dutch Colony Co (http://www.dutchcolony.sg/) Not a place easy to get to. But I love this place to bits. (Read here: http://foodiegoestravelling.blogspot.sg/2013/11/seafood-of-east-meets-west.html)

And cafe mocha..

And no guesses for this! Piccolo! Love the aroma of the beans to bits.. =)

On the second day I met another good friend for cafe hopping. So the 2 Westerners that we were. Decided to head over to the East at Penny University (http://www.pennyuni.com/).

And this was the beginning of many cups of piccolo to come! XD But! This! This had to be the piccolo latte I've drank thus far! Totally worth that 1.5 hours trip over! =)

We had brunch here. Eggs Benedict with smoked salmon. Generous portion of sauce! 

And we went towards the South to Chye Seng Huat Hardware (in short CSHH - http://www.cshhcoffee.com/) The coffee simply cannot compare to Penny's. But I like ambience here better. Not so cramp. More spacious. =) But I muz say I haven't found a win-win formula yet. Where both coffee and dessert can attract me back together. Except probably Maison Ikkoku (http://www.maison-ikkoku.net/) but that's for another time. =)

Piccolo again..

And with a scone for sharing. =) The brunch at Penny's was really heavy. *grinz*

This is super random. But everytime I see a wash room as such. There's this friend of mine who juz leaps to mind. =P 

And last stop for the day at Strangers' Reunion (http://www.hungrygowhere.com/singapore/Strangers__Reunion/). 

A cheesecake (but Butterscotch still wins - hands down). 

I like the Xmasy feel here though. And it's cozy. Only thing was coz it was on Boxing Day. It was still quite crowded. =/

Last piccolo! =)

A late wish. But nonethless Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! *cheerz to more coffee to come*

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