Sunday, February 16, 2014

Ice ice baby!

The 2 Degree Ice Art exhibition was something which caught my eye a couple of weeks back and finally I made my way there after an impromptu meet up session with a friend over coffee (that's for another sharing). =) 

From the outside. The place looks quite 'cheap' as it was all container boxes kind. So. 

"Organised by Century Ice Wonderland with the participation of the Harbin International Ice Lantern Art Association, the exhibition gives locals a feel of the International Ice and Snow Sculpture Festival held annually in China’s north east region of Harbin.
The 30-odd pieces of ice art feature the likes of regional and international landmarks such as the Singapore Merlion, London’s Big Ben and France’s Eiffel Tower which I have to say, are pretty admirable. On top of that, a handful of ice sculptures are actually carved from dyed or coloured ice blocks and are embedded with LED lighting which makes it much more vibrant and colourful than your usual ice sculptures." (

Entrance fee is S$32 plus S$5 for a coat. (Passion card members gets discount). Temperature inside was maintained at a cool -15 degrees Celsius. In Singapore context it's a bit too much to take in. But probably due to the course of work. -15 is really not too bad. Only thing was my fingers which were cold  despite the gloves. Other than that. Those who are working in the same line as me. I'm pretty sure we can survive at least a good 15 mins without a coat inside. =P

There were many landmarks that were familiar inside and the carvings were really intricate. I can only imagine the grandeur if I was in Harbin.

No. My tongue did not freeze. But yes. I was giving it a try. Hahaha. 

There was also a playground where you could take a tube up and slide down regardless of age. =)

And then I headed over to the Ice Bar! 

The drinking area inside.

And it was Dexter in an ice mug! I didn't manage to finish the drink for once coz I had too many cups of coffee earlier. =P But it was cool drinking from it! And my lips kinda got 'sticky' after a while to the mug. Hahaha. 

There were a couple of friends who were asking about the exhibition. Honestly from my personal point of view. It really wasn't quite up to my expectations. Too little landmarks (I completed the whole exhibition in 20 mins or so - and usually for an exhibition I take much longer) and it just was not worth the price. 

Your call. =)

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  1. Wow, what an awesome place. Love the colors. I have recently seen a place similar to this one, but it was a bar in Thailand :)