Thursday, September 29, 2016

Surprise in my mailbox! :)

My Eurail surprise!

I didn't really have time to sit down and plan. So I did the next best thing - planning my trip on the go.

I have long bus rides to work (about an hour per way daily) and I started making use of whatever little time I could. Expedia. Agoda. Airbnb. Skyscanner. TripAdvisor and Google became my companions.

I signed up for Expedia many years ago when I was in school coz of a project we had to research on. And it came in handy when I had members' deal and I booked my accommodation for Netherlands through it. So in Netherlands I'm gonna stay in a hostel that costs S$18.24 per night.

Wanted to stay at an Airbnb in Paris and contacted a host but it was too far ahead and he was not able to confirm. :( So I saw an insider deal in Agoda and booked a hostel stay instead! (And this set me back S$35.63 per night.) 2 accommodations down!

There was also a summer offer for Eurail on the Benulax-France journey - 4 + 1 free travel day (S$416.03) So I bought it too! And it was delivered in my mailbox yesterday night! So exciting!

Now waiting for Luxembourg accommodations' offer. While making plans if I should visit Saint Petersburg first or Murmansk. Before heading to Moscow..

Ah.. But before that I think it's time for a little nap on the bus and hope inspiration strikes! :)

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