Thursday, May 21, 2015

Why do women travel solo..

Love this video to bits. Amazingly close to my heart. <3 

How did I start traveling alone? When I realized it's gonna be tough for my friends to take leave during the same period as me as we're all in the same company (even though it's an MNC and we're in different departments). 

How did I feel when trying to convince my parents to let me travel alone? I didn't! =P I told little white lies example.. That my friend and I were going together but last minute a couple of days before she had to work so she couldn't make it but the tickets were bought and accomodation paid for so it'll be a waste if I couldn't go. =D 

How was my first experience of travelling alone? Nothing short of AMAZING! I never wanted to turn back the plane/bus that I was on and the thought of going home actually agitated me. The only downside was I didn't know how much/what currency to change (not enough research) hence a little tight on cash. =P 

How did I prepare myself for the solo trips that came after I was addicted? Research research and more research. I knew what kinda experiences I was looking for. What kinda accomodation I wanted to stay in. Some of the places I wanted to see. So I just did more homework around it! =) 

Was it ever daunting to be travelling alone? Never! I was never happier than to be alone. Maybe due to work I'm seen more as an extrovert but I know deep down I'm an introvert. I can go for weeks without speaking to anyone unless to order food. Coz I tried. =) 

No fears at all? None! I'm a little surprised at myself too. But the only fear would be that I didn't bring enough cash to enjoy myself I guess. =P sleeping eating and wandering alone became such a norm after a short while. And I continued doing it on my own even when I'm not travelling and back in Singapore. 

So.. Did it teach you anything? Independence. Courage. Cautiousness. 

And one thing you enjoy most about travelling alone? Freedom - from doing what you want at your own pace without needing to care about what others think! =D

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