Monday, November 10, 2014

Breakfast truly like a local..

It is a Monday. And to start the busy week off.. I decided to go and hunt down a coffee shop (or in my local terms: kopitiam) for the infamous coffee with butter (kopi guyou). 

I don't really drink coffee at the local kopitiam simply because I don't like the taste of robusta coffee. The aftertaste on the tongue lingers too long for my liking. So what did I order instead? Tea (teh)!

A simple kopitiam under the void deck at 10 North Bridge Road. I walked a whole round before finding it and true to its words. Heap Seng Leong opens from 4am to 8pm daily and serves no fancy fare. Beware: for those like me who are used to our current state of kopitiams. The initial 'smell' of the place may turn you off. But that's what a genuine old place feels and smells like. =)

My teh.. See the amount of condensed milk beneath? =) 

And the only food they serve. Kaya butter toast. 

With the traditional generous slice of butter in between. 

No doubt a simple meal. But when you're surrounded by the usual suspects at a kopitiam (read: uncles) and you're the only female adult and in office wear. It does make you stand out.. No? =P

Here's to an awesome week ahead!

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