Friday, May 23, 2014

My travel burnout..

You may be curious what initiated me to write this post and come on. What has the picture of giving up gotta do with anything? Sadly. It has everything to do with how I am feeling about my travel right now. 

I am dealing with travel burnout now. Yes. You read right. Me. Talking about travel burnout. I know I know. Those who know me are in shocked. With mouths wide opened and eyes staring in disbelief. So what is travel burnout? It's when you have reached a limit of travelling and travelling is no longer top of your mind. Here are some articles describing travel burnout:

Compared to many travellers. My trip is nothing but short for many. But for me. When my longest was to Chengdu/Tibet/Inner Mongolia/Beijing last June (19 days) and with a tour group though I was travelling solo. This is my longest trip so far. And it's to a place that was like home to me. Today is the 10th day into my 16 days trip here.

So when I left Camiguin for Cagayan de Oro. I thought it was juz that familiarity of  Camiguin and the place I was staying at and the people (Camiguin Action Geckos) that made me torn when leaving the place even though I already had plans in Cagayan de Oro.

The stay at Cagayan de Oro was not good. And I juz didn't like the vibes the room gave me. So I decided to get out and stayed out as much as possible. But there really wasn't much to do there except white water rafting and my heart and mind kept wandering back to Camiguin. =/

I was so happy to get away from that place and the almost 10 hours journey from Cagayan de Oro to Surigao was good and gave me some peace and time to think about continuing my trip. Once I got to Surigao (this was meant as an overnight stop before getting over to Siargao). The hotel (the only hotel I am staying at for this whole trip) was calling me. I juz wanted to stay in the room as much as I can and I almost refuse all calls to get out for food even (which explains me blogging now).

Many thoughts started running through my mind. Why did I choose to come here? Why did I have to leave Camiguin (okok.. So coz I booked all my accomodations thereafter and also my flight is back from Siargao to Cebu.) But still. I juz flat out refused to go see the local culture or do any island hopping or any shopping or anything. Like literally. 

I slept till 11am today and went out for postcards and mineral water and brunch (at McDonald's - craving) and I'm back holed up in my room. I juz feel tired moving about. I haven't really cramped my trip this time round with enough days at each place for rest. But it's getting to me. So I guess like what this article mentioned ( I juz wanna do nothing. Or rather do whatever I want: which is to rot in the room and get the day over and done with quickly.

And like what the picture quote says. Now that I kept thinking about giving up. I think back on why I started in the first place. And I guess another thing that will spike my otherwise lethargic mind and body is to look forward to more diving in the next few days. No doubt I can't stay at Kermit Surf and Dive Eco Camp but I plan to stay most of my time there. Why? The word 'dive' explains it all. No? =)

My reservation was with Paglaom Hostel and Michel from Camiguin Action Geckos was the one who suggested staying with Gianni at Kermit Surf and Dive Eco Camp. But coz Paglaom Hostel doesn't provide any food (but with kitchen to cook and all) I have a feeling that will be a place only for me to shower and sleep coz I'll be whiling away at Kermit's instead doing my Advanced Open Water course and probably even learning surfing there. And coz there's free wifi there too where Paglaom doesn't. =)

So I guess my travel burnout has somewhat subsided as today is coming to an end in another 5 hours time or so. I will juz keep myself busy with the internet. And then out for dinner. Back for completion of my last module and tomorrow will be a brand new day at Siargao!

But damn. I'm missing Camiguin so much! I will go back next year for more diving with Arno and Michele! Anyone wanna come along? =)

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