Saturday, October 12, 2013

Dancing.. In the rain? =)

Okies. So this post has nothing much to do with food. Nor travel. But it has something to do with what's happening this 2 weekends in Singapore! Da:ns Festival at the Esplanade! =) 

A gigantic poster hanging from the exterior walls of the Esplanade. 

So what's this festival all about? It's all about dance of course! Yes yes I know. I am not a dancing person (Well. Given that I have two left feet and a body that can't seem to response to the music and is like a block of wood.. I don't blame you.)

'In celebration of the spirit of movement. da:ns festival invites you to 10 days of dance that will inspire and lift your heart. ... ... Don;t forget your dancing shoes: come shimmy and shake at our workshops. Or dance the night away under the stars. Fall in love with dance this October!' (

Friday's theme is 'I'm in love' and yesterday featured dances from swing. to West coast swing. Cuban salsa and LA salsa. And it was awesome! Coz we get to dance too and it was a free workshop! 

Swing dancers.. 

West coast swing.. 

My personal fav: Cuban salsa.. 

LA salsa..

But the highlight of the night was when the floor was opened and it was a freestyle event. Honestly I didn't know there were so many people who could dance salsa in Singapore! 

I love watching people dance. Especially those fast paced dances. From tango to salsa. Partly the music juz brings you out of your current place. One of the first dance movies I watched that left me with a deep impression was 'Dirty Dancing 2: Havana Nights' ( which was salsa. And very much Cuban I believe. <3 

The other movie which had dance routine which I love has to be from 'Step Up 3D' ( - Tango. And this came from Latin America. A place I'm dying to visit (if not for the exorbitant flight tix =/).

I remember the 2 times I went dancing in public. First was in Surfer's Paradise in Gold Coast with mum and the next was on my solo trip in Lhasa in the square right in front of Potala Palace. It was spontaneous and super fun! =P 

Sometimes in life. Rather than wait for the rain to stop. Why don't we learn to dance in the rain?  

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