Monday, September 30, 2013

Question: why did I start this blog/page?

So. Someone recently asked me a question. Where have I been travelling to? My answer? 'I didn't travel much this year (rather not as much as I would've like to). Only to Philippines and then Tibet and back to Philippines.' And then I asked myself. Why do I travel? 

I travel to get away from the reality of life. I love it when I can spend my own time doing things that makes me happy. Immersing myself in the local culture. Nature and architecture. 

I've always wanted to start a blog to document the journey of happiness I perceive the way it is. But work has always been my excuse to not start. 'I won't have time to manage.' 'I won't have any readers.' 'I can't write like how the others does.' And how did I convince myself to start now (better late than never). 

I wanted a distraction from work. An external motivation. A place where I would be happy to share my opinions and experiences without people judging me too critically. And where work does not plat a too influencing role in. 

My first proper trip was the one to Cameron Highlands and KL when I was graduating from poly with Jovi. Was that the trip that got me hooked on travelling? I would think not so. Back then being able to travel to parts of Malaysia attracted me like no other places did (or maybe coz it was cheap and good for my wallet) and I continue to explore the country in ways. I hold a proper (full time - sighz) job while doing my best to balance my social life and my hobbies (I regard eating and travelling as my hobbies. =)) on my days off and when I could squeeze in some leaves.

When did I fall in love with food? Since I started earning my own keep. Spending whatever I earned on food. As the years grew longer and the earnings went up. My 'eating power' has gone up tremendously too. It is no longer about the eating the most expensive meal but of the quality and much depends on my mood. For the close friends who know me well enough. When we say we're heading out for a meal. Their question would always be 'What's your craving today?' =) 

As for travelling? I have no idea. I had a place I refused to go again on my list when I started travelling. And surprisingly it was Bangkok. Home to my now favourite local delights (insects to coconut jelly to pig's blood bee hoon at roadside stalls). And after 2 more visits back. I have grown to like the place. (Read: I did not use 'love' coz I can only love one place and that would be my other home. =P) 

I make it a point to travel to each place only once. Juz so that I could cover more places in this lifetime. I guess I have a pet peeve too. Places that most people/friends would have had travelled to would not be on my bucket list. I like to travel to places that few have stepped foot in. And it would be an experience to call my own without anyone's to benchmark against. The more 'ulu' the place. The more attraction it holds for me. When I travel my camera becomes part of me. It's indispensable. 

Travel is of free will. 

I never liked being tied down to reality. Although reality is where I live. 

So yeah. This's the start of the blog and page which will be my motivation till my next good meal or next travel destination. *winkz*

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